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New Acquisitions

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1. COV 005.32

COVEY, Stephen R.

The 3rd alternative : solving life’s most difficult problems / Covey, Stephen R.; England, Breck

New York [etc.], US : Free Press, 2011 . - 456 p.

Julian With's "Kritieken" for sale

The latest publication of drs. Julian With "Kritieken, het schoonmaakmiddel van de geest" is for sale at the Library University of Suriname (UB).
For a copy, drop in today because of limited stock.

Where? The Dictatenverkoopcentrale (DVC), Library
                              Price? SRD 65

Guide to Open Access Journals

This open access journal guide is a handy tool for students opting to access information using online databases rather than bound volumes of academic journals and research reports, and provides practical information on most reputable open-access journal websites, as well as paid subscription databases that are still widely used by traditional college students.
Check out this resource:

Literature on Agricultural Research

The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL), provides access to current research in agriculture and life sciences, and is a full-text, searchable library (database) of over 275 specialized (scientific) and high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, critical to research and education.

Access EBSCO off campus? Try Moodle

Access to the prestigious online databases of EBSCOhost is now not only onsite, but also off campus through a Moodle Account,

HINARI AGORA OARE: research in health, agriculture and the environment




Access to the research programmes of Research4life, the collective name for HINARI, AGORA and OARE, has for the University of Suriname been extended till the end of 2013.

Opening hours (counter) Study room

As of 01 March 2013 the counter of the Study room is closed for the client after three o'clock.

ScienceDirect Onsite Accessible

As of February 01, 2012, ScienceDirect, the world's leading source for scientific, technical, and medical full text research, is onsite accessible.

ScienceDirect's extensive and unique full text database covers authoritative titles from the core scientific literature, including high-impact factor titles such as THE LANCET, Cell and Tetrahedron.

More than 2,500 journals and more than nine million full-text articles are available in ScienceDirect.

Education Lecture Centre Suriname

Education Lecture Centre Suriname is a web shop specialized in literature books offered for a reduced price. Order books for scientific and higher education from various publishers through Education Lecture Centre Suriname.
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